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It’s a question of which I need more…

…gloves, or another pair of socks. Currently, my progress on Monkey has come to a standstill. Part of this fact is due to the color of the yarn; I think it’s too boring for that sort of pattern. But, it is Poshyarns cashmere/wool sock yarn, and must not go to waste. So, I’m considering frogging the 1/3 sock I have, and making gloves. Of course, the same problem is still there: I need to find some sort of pattern that makes the yarn more interesting.

I’m not sure what to do. Perhaps the solution would be to buy more yarn….

In other news, we will be getting a kitten some time soon! Cats make the world go round.

A ballet of irritation, via digital camera.

First, we have the thrown object.

Irritating WIP

Then, Samantha investigates the source of my ire.


She approves.


Work on Serrano continues.

Not the boss of me.

After casting on for Serrano on Friday night, no forward progress has been made. I did mention that it would be a challenge, and it certainly is. I have frogged it twice already, and will be ripping back to the hem tonight when I get home from work. It’s funny: we watched two movies this weekend (The Illusionist and Talledega Nights), and I spent the majority of both of them knitting to the exact same point, then ripping it out to the exact same point. By the time we started watching some Buffy episodes on Sunday evening, the project was unceremoniously hurled across the room.

The problem is the stitch count. I constantly end up with far too many stitches. It seems that I’m not the only one with this problem, as the Serrano KAL has indicated. I am annoyed, but not defeated. And I’m going to join the KAL, I think. Assuming I can get my camera working.

Everyone is annoyed/stressed at work today, too, which doesn’t help my mood any. I will cheer myself up by looking at kittens.

In a previous life, I…

It’s funny how having a new blog brings back memories of the old one, in which I detailed my diseased thoughts and crippling feelings. Mostly a college-era blog, I abandoned it when I started taking steps to actually improve my well-being, and pretty much forgot about it. When I ventured into the world of online dating, I was shocked to realize that those with great google powers could still find that blog. Upon hearing of this, I rushed over to the website. Now, this was a blog that caused much hurt and upset among my friends and family, because it contained paragraphs filled with anger, hatred, and profound depression. I was glad to see it go, and horrified that someone might still be able to find it. Fortunately, there had been some sort of server crash on that site about a year after I stopped blogging, and all my blog entries were lost. I was relieved.

I am also relieved that this blog will be nothing like that.

In other news, the yarn for my next sweater arrived yesterday, and I completed a gauge swatch. Now comes the tough decision: do I start on my new project and abandon all my other, mostly finished ones, or finish the gentleman’s socks before I start. Life is hard.

I don’t need more yarn for another project. Seriously.

It’s been warmer than usual this winter, so I haven’t had much opportunity to wear my scarf, which I made at the beginning of last winter out of Knit Picks Elegance. (I think. It’s the alpaca yarn one.) It’s very warm, and I love the pattern, Irish Hiking scarf, but it is so itchy. You know what that means. Even though I have sweater yarn coming tomorrow or Friday, I have been looking for a good, soft, non-itchy, red, worsted weight yarn for this pattern. And, because I love the current scarf so much (except the itchiness), I want to find the Perfect yarn.

Needless to say, I’ve been looking all day, and haven’t found a solution. I’m about to go home and work on some socks and try to forget about the horrible yarn buying urge. I suspect it won’t work.


One of my favorite feelings is the anticipation that comes right after I buy yarn for a new project. Then comes the obsessive stalking of the package via the internet, and, finally, the joyful discovery of the package at my door. Currently, I’m in stage 2 (package stalking). The yarn for my new sweater project,Serrano, has been shipped today. I am excited to try this pattern, because it combines two of my favorite things: lace and sock yarn. The Schaefer Anne the pattern calls for was far too expensive for me, so I decided to substitute some Louet Gems Pearl, in grey. I did check out the KAL for Serrano, and discovered that the pattern was a bit fiddly, which only makes me more excited. I’m ready for a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I would have pictures up of my sock-in-progress, but I can’t find the camera cable. So, I have to find an alternate way to get the pictures onto my computer. Hopefully there will be pictures soon. Although, it’s not like I’m a photographer, by any means.  We’ll see.

Some explanations.

I’ve had many blogs over the years, but none of them have kept my attention for very long. Likewise, I’ve been knitting off and on for about 10 years, and that didn’t stick either. This is different. Over the past 3 years, I have begun knitting more frequently, until I was knitting every day. Yarn and knitting consumed my thoughts. I read knitblogs, forums, had dreams about yarn, bought yarn, thought about yarn and patterns, stalked yarn on ebay, and bought knitting magazines. I figured it was time to give back (heh) to the community by starting my own knit blog.

I consume yarn with ferocity, and am obsessed with it, so I thought that Cthulhu would be an appropriate patron saint for my blog. He and I are similar because we both are constantly hungry for our prey (yarn, in my case), and have a god-complex (knitting is awesome and comes before all else, including food and drink). There ya go.


I like yarn. I like to knit. Yep.

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