In a previous life, I…

It’s funny how having a new blog brings back memories of the old one, in which I detailed my diseased thoughts and crippling feelings. Mostly a college-era blog, I abandoned it when I started taking steps to actually improve my well-being, and pretty much forgot about it. When I ventured into the world of online dating, I was shocked to realize that those with great google powers could still find that blog. Upon hearing of this, I rushed over to the website. Now, this was a blog that caused much hurt and upset among my friends and family, because it contained paragraphs filled with anger, hatred, and profound depression. I was glad to see it go, and horrified that someone might still be able to find it. Fortunately, there had been some sort of server crash on that site about a year after I stopped blogging, and all my blog entries were lost. I was relieved.

I am also relieved that this blog will be nothing like that.

In other news, the yarn for my next sweater arrived yesterday, and I completed a gauge swatch. Now comes the tough decision: do I start on my new project and abandon all my other, mostly finished ones, or finish the gentleman’s socks before I start. Life is hard.

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