Ode to my PDA

I got my new PDA on Friday, in the hopes that it would keep me more organized and prevent me from double-booking myself constantly.

And lo, it did. I diligently loaded it with my work schedule, meetings, appointments, and paperework due dates. I knew every weekend I had a LARP scheduled, or when I was available to play D&D. I even downloaded an app that keeps track of all my yarn, needles, patterns, books, and measurements of people I normally knit for. I added people’s phone numbers and addresses, and set up alarms so I would never forget anyone’s birthday ever again.

It was good.

Then, I discovered Village Sim. At first, productivity didn’t halt.  I downloaded the trial version.  I enjoy being an evil/controlling/obsessive overlord, I thought, so this might be cool.  I played it for a little bit.  Then, it began to consume me.  I spent the $20 to buy the game (yes, this is how addicted I am).

My fiance started to notice.  He said “Your knitting needles look sad, because you’ve been neglecting them for your villagers.”  He was right, of course.  “But the game runs in real time!  I must supervise them at all times!” I cried.  Last night, I attempted to both knit and supervise, with much success.  I suspect that the 5 skeins of assorted yarn that are coming to me (hopefully) this week will distract me.

So, the moral of the story is, watch out what you download on your PDA, because it may end up making you less productive.


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