Temptation 1:
Cookie A has a new site that contains her newest, most awesome sock patterns ever. I was just stunned when I went there, and discovered that I liked all of her patterns enough to buy all of them. Usually I think twice about buying patterns online unless I must have them, because it’s not economical (for me), but this is a shining exception. I only bought one, the Twisted Flower Sock, and I couldn’t resist starting it as soon as I got it. Never mind that I already have another pair of socks, a pair of gloves, and sleeves for Serrano currently going. I’m on sleeve island, ok? Anything is better than doing 17 inches of sleeve, even if it is lace. I also got the opportunity to break out my Sweet Georgia yarn, in Willow. Not a color I normally would have purchased, but I was sucked into the going-on-hiatus frenzy. When I first started to wind the yarn, it seemed to have a looser twist than I like, but it is extremely cushy when it’s knitted up. I am pleased.

Temptation 2:
It snowed/sleeted/iced here most of the day yesterday, which meant that the fiance didn’t leave for XPI until this morning. It took him an hour-ish to dig out his car, and he did me the dubious favor of taking the only shovel with him (by accident). So, I was stuck, because I had no shovel. At around midday, I spotted an unoccupied shovel, and started the digging out process. It’s interesting how, when I realized that I couldn’t drive anywhere, that I was filled with the desire to go somewhere. I should note that I have a Honda, and have mostly bald tires. My car was not going anywhere. I flagged down two strapping young men, who helped me push my car out of my parking spot. Yay, I could drive. I got stuff at the store, got lunch. I came back, and attempted to install myself back in my spot. Of course, I got stuck trying to get into my spot. More pushing ensued, and now my car is firmly parked in a spot that I know will be almost impossible to get out of (without a shovel). For some reason I’m filled with an irrational sense of dread when I glance out the window and see my car, sitting in that parking spot of doom.  So, I was punished most fiercely for giving in to my desires to leave the house for no reason. (And I’m mad at the fiance for taking the shovel.)

The universe says, “Ha!”


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