A definition, a manifesto.

fa·tigue n.

  1. Physical or mental weariness resulting from exertion.
  2. Something, such as tiring effort or activity, that causes weariness: the fatigue of a long argument.
  3. The decreased capacity or complete inability of an organism, an organ, or a part to function normally because of excessive stimulation or prolonged exertion.
  4. The weakening or failure of a material, such as metal or wood, resulting from prolonged stress.
  5. Manual or menial labor, such as barracks cleaning, assigned to soldiers

Emphasis mine. I am fatigued, in multiple ways. Starting from the top.

  1. The day after LARPing is always a wasted day, because I am so tired, both physically and mentally. It was a good game, overall, which is probably part of the reason why I am so drained.  Plus, I got a tan!
  2. Drama fatigues me. I know everyone feels the same, and has been there. I am tired of interpersonal issues, tired of worrying, tired of being filled with crushing anxiety at inopportune times. Most of all, I’m tired of people who do not think about how their actions may affect others (namely, me). I know I am not the center of the universe, it would be nice to have some consideration every so often. And no, I’m not talking to you, nor accusing anyone, just airing my feelings. 🙂 I’m tired, so take it with a grain of salt.  All I want is for everyone to get along.
  3. I have a new project, and new yarn, and want it to arrive right this second so I can start working on it right this second. But, I still have a sock to finish. I enjoy working on socks in general, and I have really enjoyed working on this particular pair of socks, but the newness of a shiny new project is really hard to resist.

I know my fatigue will fade, and I will feel better tomorrow.


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