I’m hooked.

I think I can understand one of the reason that people enjoy these knit-a-longs and other related internet knitting groups. They give us validation, and positive praise about our work. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a lurker. I mean, I lurk like it’s my job, like I’m being paid a million bucks an hour to do it. Before I joined sockapalooza, I posted 6 times total in my various forums, one of which I’ve belonged to for over 2 years. This week, I’ve posted on both forums, and to the Sockapalooza Pligg twice. Seriously, people, soon the rain of fire will begin, closely followed by the horsemen of the apocalypse. And the most interesting thing is, I like it! I wasn’t sure what to do about my sock, and had serious doubts about my pattern choice with the yarn. So, I posted to the pligg with my sock question, and people responded. Not only did they provide me helpful feedback, but they also praised my sock. Unasked, these kind people who didn’t even know me told me my sock was nice, and helped me make up my mind.

I’m hooked. I’ve been commenting on other people blogs (a little), giving my opinion about their socks. The reinforcement I recieve by being a part of these communities has really surprised me, given my antisocial tendencies. No longer do I have to flail around helplessly with some knitting problem: I can ask people!  I want to join more things.

And! The heel of my sockapalooza sock is done! Damn are anklets fast. More on that tomorrow.

1 Response to “I’m hooked.”

  1. 1 Sock Pal May 22, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    I’m the same way, believe it or not – but the Pligg is fun, isn’t it?? 🙂

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