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A very whiny list.

I’m in a whiny mood this morning.  Bear with me.

  1. It’s hot out, and my car doesn’t have air conditioning.
  2. I just got a raise, and I also just got paid today, but all of my raise money has to go to get my air conditioning fixed, instead of buying things (clothes, shoes, yarn).
  3. My eyes are itchy because of the allergies.
  4. The post office misdelivered my package from Target, which contained a $15 wedding veil.  I know it’s only $15, but I still want it!  I was looking forward to finding out if it was actually worthwhile, since most veils cost way, way too much due to Stupid Wedding Markup.
  5. I’m crampy.
  6. We have to drive to Chincoteague Island this Sunday for my Aunt’s wedding, which will take a bajillion four hours.

Now, for a list of good things that are directly related to the whining.

  1. I got a raise!  I can actually afford to get my air conditioning fixed.  I don’t have to bring a sweat-free change of clothes whenever I ride in the car for longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Because I’m going to the car repair place from work, I got to bring my knitting to work with  me.
  3. I will have lots of time to knit this three day weekend: at the repair place, to/from the wedding, at our D&D game on Monday…
  4. I don’t really care that much about my veil, and it gives me something to bitch about that isn’t really that meaningful.
  5. It’s Friday.
  6. I get to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie tonight. Mmm, manflesh.

See, I feel much better.  I suspect I will be able to get at least one sockapalooza sock done, and possibly two.  Then I will start on the secret sock knitting portion for my pal.

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