Waxing poetic.

So, an FYI for the 3 people who regularly read this blog 🙂 : There will be a marked lack of knitting content in the below entry. Sorry.

Basically, it all boils down to one statement: Where there are people, there is conflict. I work in the mental health/healthcare field (and a patient, at times), and I see quite a lot of conflict between clients and their disorders and between staff members. As a result, I have a much lower threshold for conflict in my personal life, because I see so much of it at work already. Of course, people, as a group, often do not get along. It doesn’t matter to them how much I hate interpersonal conflict: it is our nature to come together, be emotional, work it out, or not work it out. Often, longstanding issues never really go away. That is part of the reason that I enjoy knitting so much, because if you have an issue with something you’re knitting, you can just frog it, and it will disappear. I’m sure I’m not alone in my wish that everyone be happy. That wish has caused me to be disillusioned with humanity in general, at times.

All this has come up because this weekend is a LARP weekend, and we all know that the larger a group of people, the more likely conflict will occur. I’m a pessimist at heart, truthfully, and it’s more than likely that nothing bad will happen. That’s another reason why I like knitting: you can think your project will turn out horrible, but, faced with beautiful results, there is no choice but to acknowledge that a few things actually do turn out well.


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