A picture free post.

I was listening to some back issues of the Knit Picks podcast this morning before I headed to work, and a few of the topics got me thinking. In episode 8 (I think), Kelley discussed knitting in public, and how some knitters don’t feel that they can knit in public. She also mentioned how helpful it is to have a nice looking, functional bag to carry around your knitting when in public. I was astounded! I love knitting in public, but I have never even thought about buying a separate bag to hold it in. I shlep my socks (usually what I knit on in public) around in a ziploc bag, which I don’t find overly useful for anything except holding all my stuff. It doesn’t have a handle, it’s slippery, and they are filled with puncture wounds by the end of the excursion. It’s as if a whole new world opened up to me: I must buy one of these knitting bag things, and soon. Not that I need more things to buy.

In another segment, she mentioned that she is a “process knitter,” which means (I think) that the process of knitting is reinforcing for her moreso than the finished product. I have always found that interesting, because I am solidly a product knitter. I see something I want, and I will make it, because I want to wear it or give it to someone who will wear it. Sure, I enjoy knitting, but I really like the thrill of wearing something that I made, or giving other socks that they enjoy. I think part of the reason I’ve gained so many skills as a knitter is because the difficulty of the pattern I want to knit isn’t important to me. If I want it, I will make it, if it kills me. The few deficits that remain in my general knitting skills (colorwork is the main one) is because I haven’t really seen anything I like that require those skills. Despite the fact that I’m a product knitter, I’m not going to be making patterns anytime soon, though. I’m lazy.


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  1. 1 KnittingHawkeye June 28, 2007 at 11:18 am

    You know the jersey knit sheets you can buy at target? They come in a similar bag with a draw string. You use the sheets and keep the bag for carrying your knitting around in. That’s what I did. It’s better than throwing it away. What a waste. =/

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