I finished the first young lady’s stocking on Friday, tried it on, and promptly discovered that my mods made the sock too short for my needs.  I had originally planned to shorten the ribbing and do more repeats of the lace pattern in an attempt to conserve yarn (silly, I know).  By the time I got through my extra repeats, it was clear that I would have to buy another skein, but I didn’t feel like ripping back.  So, when I realized that it was too short, I got to pick out the cast on edge and knit another 2 1/2 inches up from that point.  Now it’s long enough.  So,  I’ll say that I finished the sock in 4 days, even though that’s sort of cheating.

I cast on for the mate yesterday, resisting the urge to start 2 or 3 other projects.  I’ve been feeling very discombobulated lately, which may be the reason for my startitis.  Regardless, when I got into the second sock, I felt better, sort of.  September is one of those months that really depress me, because the smells and sounds of fall remind me of the past.  I do my little dance (manic/depressed) at other times of the year too, of course, but this month in particular is bad.  Fortunately, I know to look for it, and prescribe myself lots of knitting. It makes me more productive, mostly, which is definitely good for Christmas knitting.   Socks never fail to cheer me up (unless I screwed up or they are too small….).  🙂

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