Everyone is going to Rhinebeck but me.

I want to go, but I can’t for a variety of reasons.  The number one reason is because my husband is running a Buffy tabletop game on Saturday, and it isn’t feasible to drive 5ish hours for one day.  I didn’t start campaigning early enough, either, so my husband isn’t really convinced that it would be fun for him, and I didn’t have time to find an alternate activity for him.  Also, I’m vaguely poor (see yesterday’s post about joining a new yarn club), and lazy.  More the other two reasons than that last one.  I’ve never been to a knitting “event” before, either, so there is an element of anxiety.    It just seems like a really cool event, and one that has lots and lots and lots and lots of yarn, which is never a bad thing (in my opinion).

I’m whiny, I know.  I will just suck it up, stare at the pictures that all the other bloggers take, and start plotting for next year.

In the meantime, I will work really hard to finish my mermaid gloves this weekend, and at least one Christmas sock.  The Shelridge Farm yarn for my next sweater arrived last week, too, but I don’t have a size 7 circular needle, so no starting that.  Also, I’m not as pleased with the color as I could be: it has a little more orange in it than I would like.  I suspect I will get used to it, though, and it is still red, and very nice.  Regardless, I am going to be pious until the weekend is over.  Really!


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