I want to knit everything.

I finished my Mermaid gloves (pics tomorrow), and now…well, you know. I have a pair of Christmas socks to finish, which I can do with fairly little effort. I have a Snow White sweater to start in November. Still, I’m obsessively searching around on Ravelry for sweater patterns. So far, I’ve decided that I want to knit Eunny’s Deep V Argyle vest and Enid (Interweave Knits Winter 2006). Are you sensing a trend? Colorwork is my final frontier. Oh, and some of those damn cute baby booties, Saartje’s booties, because one of my friends has a 4 month old niece that could use some booties for Christmas, and it’s a super good use of my leftover sock yarn, and she said she might pay me. They won’t take that long, so what’s the harm? I’m so close to just finishing that one pair of socks for Christmas and nothing else, all so I can have more time to knit for myself. I’m selfish.

1 Response to “I want to knit everything.”

  1. 1 jenny November 16, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Beautiful gloves.
    I am longing to make a pair of mermaid gloves with or without the fingers. I love knitting socks and can handle lace and pattern stitches, I am afraid I have no experience knitting gloves or creating patterns. Will you be selling / publishing your pattern or could you suggest a glove pattern to use when attemptiong to create a similar glove with the potamus sock pattern ?

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