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I’m 50% done with my Christmas present knitting for this year, and I’m very (very, very) glad that I decided to only knit 2 pairs of socks and 1 (maybe 2) novelty items. I finished the first mother-in-law sock on Friday, and decided to spend the weekend working on Oblique as a reward. I’m about 50% done with the back after some setbacks. I originally cast-on for size small (39″ bust), but after I added up all the measurements it became clear that I would be swimming in it. I prefer slightly more fitted sweaters, so I ripped it all out and began again, this time in the extra-small size. I know that the sweater is not meant to be very fitted, and it still won’t be; it just wont be too big on me. I’m really enjoying working with Beaverslide, too. One weird thing, though, is that it feels much scratchier in the ball than when knit up. And boy is it squishy!

FO: Snow White

Pattern: Snow White, by Ysolda
Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4, 3.25 skeins, size 7 needles
Mods: None.

After all the cast-on/bind-off trials, I felt that I needed to wear this the instant I re-bound off the bottom hem. I cut the yarn one row above the too-tight tubular cast-on. I slipped the new live stitches onto a circular needle, breathing through my mouth all the while (it helps my concentration). Then, I used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off, and it is fabulous. So stretchy. These photographs are all pre-blocking (of course), and I suspect that a good blocking will take care of the few uneven stitches. In the bottom right-hand corner you can actually see the ends of the bind-off. I am pleased with this sweater, more pleased than I thought I would be, really. I think that I have finally made a pullover sweater that I will actually wear more than once! And it’s just coincidence that my fingernails match the sweater.

The color is more accurate in this picture.  I learned a massive amount of techniques while making this sweater: tubular cast-on (sigh), picot bind-off, and EZ’s sewn bind-off. I feel much more well-rounded now. And look at how cute all the little disorganized picots look! I might pin them out when I block, or I might leave it like that. So, here is photographic proof that I have successfully completed NaKniSweMo. One sweater, one month. Well, maybe two

Why I don’t buy wooden sock needles.

I played in a tabletop game on Sunday, so I wanted to bring appropriate knitting. My sweater is too big (it’s almost done, yay!!), so I decided to start my mother-in-law’s Christmas socks. After realizing that my first choice pattern is written for DK weight yarn, I am making Socks for Veronik (IK holiday 2007) in anklet form. Size 0 needles called for. Well, it just so happened that I had recently traded for some size 0 Lantern Moon ebony DPNs. Ebony is a harder wood, right? I won’t snap that like I do bamboo sock needles, right?

Yeah, that’s right. You can clearly see the tape on one of the needle (the beginnings of desperation) and the fact that I was using a long portion of one of the snapped-off needles to knit with (bald panic). Yes. But, I got them in a swap, so I’m not overly attached to them. And, I got my reward yarn today.


Yay Beaverslide! I’m looking forward to using this. It is a little scratchier than I would have hoped, but I suspect a good washing will cure that.

Look, a sleeve!

It is long, and red, and it really is finished, although still on the needles in this picture. It only took about two days to do (with interruptions), so I’m hoping to have the other sleeve done by the end of this weekend. I have decided what my reward knitting will be for finishing this sweater: another sweater! I know I said that I wanted to make koolhaas out of the called for ($32) yarn, but I decided that it was silly for me to spend that much money on a yarn for a hat. I don’t even wear hats. So, I spent $39.50 on some Beaverslide for my next sweater, Oblique. I am very excited.  It’s possible that I may finish two sweaters this November!

I’m stupidly optimistic, I know.  I still have Christmas socks.

The curse of the pullover

I have this problem, where I can’t knit a pullover sweater that I like. Give me a cardigan pattern, and I can make it, and it looks great, fits great, everything (see evidence in FOs). But I have yet to knit a pullover that I am satisfied with enough to wear in public.   The side seams look funny.  There is a strange hole in the fabric that mysteriously appeared.  The sleeves are too short.  The neckline puckers in a disturbing way.  I have two finished sweaters languishing in a basket, waiting to be fixed in some way. Part of the reason that I wanted to participate in NaKniSweMo is because I wanted to find, make, and finish a sweater that I will actually wear.   I chose a pattern that is drastically different from the other two pullovers that I attempted (they both had very similar patterns).   So far, there has only been one issue with Snow White in progress: the tubular cast-on didn’t work the way it was supposed to. The wise women of the Knittyboard gave me a suggestion to fix that, though it involves cutting the yarn, re-picking up the stitches, and binding off. I suspect I’ll be blogging about that one, if only to save my sanity. I’m about to start the sleeves today (with a new and improved tubular cast-on), and I’m feeling fairly positive. And, I just finished one Christmas sock!

It’s finally cold(ish) out

It’s a good thing, really. Despite the fact that I never did finish a hat, I do have those kick-ass gloves that I made, and now get to point at people with bright pink and purple yarny fingers. I have decided that my next hat attempt will be Koolhaas, in the yarn called-for (yay $30 yak yarn!). But! It will be my reward for finishing Snow White. So no hat until the end of November, I suspect. The sweater progress is coming along nicely, even though I made a stupid mistake and had to rip back 25 damn rows. It’s almost mindless knitting, which is nice. And it’s soft.

Planning ahead, I finally decided upon yarn for my mother-in-law’s socks. I bought some Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose (a dark pink/grey color). I’ll be making the citrine socklets, partially because they’re quick, partially because it’s a good introduction to hand-knit socks (read: short and cushy), and partially because I’m a greedy bitch who hopes to get a pair of socks for herself out of the remainder of the skein. We shall see. Currently in my Christmas queue is 1 1/2 sock for sister, and 2 socks for mother-in-law.  Oh, and 1/3 of a knitted penis. I can do it.

Sweater in progress.

After the irritating setbacks of this weekend, Snow White is coming along nicely.

It always amazes me how fast a sweater can go, when you’re committed to it. Of course, ask me that when I start on the sleeves.

In which I once again discover the benefit of following directions.

I did read through the entire Snow White pattern before I decided to use it for NaKniSweMO (which started on Thursday), but somehow I overlooked the fact that it required a tubular cast on.  I’ve done one tubular cast on before, but that was for a pair of gloves, so I only had to cast on about 20 stitches.  In this case, it was 112.  I spent a good portion of the day yesterday cursing about my poor crochet skills (a provisional cast-on is also required), and then cursing even more when I discovered twice that I didn’t crochet a long enough chain.  I can’t crochet for shit, so it was insult heaped upon injury.  Then,  I mis-read the directions: I thought I was supposed to K2tog, P2tog, when I was actually supposed to K2, P2.  So, I cast on for a third time.  Cursing filled the air.  Regardless, I did eventually get the tubular cast on finished, and it does look pretty nice.  Once the cast on was finished, I discovered that I bought the wrong length circular needle, and couldn’t continue the sweater until this mistake was corrected.  I went to AC Moore and Michaels, and neither of them had a size 7 29 inch circular needle.  Great.  Did I mention that this is the sweater that I’d like to have finished by the end of November?  Yeah.  Fortunately, I also bought size 7 DPNs (as stated in the directions!), and promptly transferred the stitches over to them.  So now I’m knitting a sweater using 8 inch DPNs.  So far, so good.  I do feel a little odd, though, because I’m used to knitting small dimention things on DPNs, so I’m constantly worried that the sweater is too small.

We shall see.  So far, though, it looks nice.

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