In which I once again discover the benefit of following directions.

I did read through the entire Snow White pattern before I decided to use it for NaKniSweMO (which started on Thursday), but somehow I overlooked the fact that it required a tubular cast on.  I’ve done one tubular cast on before, but that was for a pair of gloves, so I only had to cast on about 20 stitches.  In this case, it was 112.  I spent a good portion of the day yesterday cursing about my poor crochet skills (a provisional cast-on is also required), and then cursing even more when I discovered twice that I didn’t crochet a long enough chain.  I can’t crochet for shit, so it was insult heaped upon injury.  Then,  I mis-read the directions: I thought I was supposed to K2tog, P2tog, when I was actually supposed to K2, P2.  So, I cast on for a third time.  Cursing filled the air.  Regardless, I did eventually get the tubular cast on finished, and it does look pretty nice.  Once the cast on was finished, I discovered that I bought the wrong length circular needle, and couldn’t continue the sweater until this mistake was corrected.  I went to AC Moore and Michaels, and neither of them had a size 7 29 inch circular needle.  Great.  Did I mention that this is the sweater that I’d like to have finished by the end of November?  Yeah.  Fortunately, I also bought size 7 DPNs (as stated in the directions!), and promptly transferred the stitches over to them.  So now I’m knitting a sweater using 8 inch DPNs.  So far, so good.  I do feel a little odd, though, because I’m used to knitting small dimention things on DPNs, so I’m constantly worried that the sweater is too small.

We shall see.  So far, though, it looks nice.


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