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I knew this already, but

…fair isle takes forever!

Here is my progress on the first sleeve of the Venezia sweater.  It’s gotten faster as time has gone on, but it’s still fairly slow.  Yes, I knew that fair isle was a skill for those with patience, but I’m very addicted to seeing the pattern emerge.  Fortunately, I have various birthday socks to work on when I get tired of constantly squinting.

I started my fair isle sweater!

I’m so excited, I know, and look at the amount of progress I’ve made so far:

Yes, this is the hem of the Venezia sweater. Haven’t even started any of the colorwork yet, because I don’t have the contrast yarn yet. I ordered it today from Sonny and Shear, because my old standby, The Loopy Ewe, didn’t have it, and I’m impatient. Very, very impatient.  The second the yarn arrives, I will begin the rest of the sleeve.  In the meantime, I’m working on various birthday socks.

C is for…

…Cat!  Of course!  Here is the oldest cat in our household, Nikki.  She looks cute, but she’s very, very deadly as well.  The only one she really likes is my husband.  C is also for, well, you know.

Heh.  🙂

It came in a box…

I was having a bad day. Work was tiring, I had to get up early, I bumped my head this morning, and it was cold. I came home from work. There was a box!

Good things come in boxes! I was excited. I broke a nail on said box.

(argh, dry cuticles!)
  But it was worth it, look!

(the sock is discussing the nature of cool with the Alienware computer, who knows cool)

Socks! Yay socks!

Very nice, well-fitting, green socks! And lo, there was more. A book that makes me laugh, and tea, and tags that will be quite useful for my other knitting projects. But best of all, behold: one of those red bags that all the Loopy Ewe fans were talking about, but I had never seen because they were sold out (last I checked).

(it isn’t as blurry in real life, I promise.)

Oh, the pockets! The redness! The useful size and portability! I really love The Loopy Ewe.

No longer am I having a bad day. Thank you so much, swap pal. I can only wish that my swap partner is as happy with my offerings as I am with these gifts.

Technicolor fair isle dreams.

Does thinking about knitting ever keep you from sleeping?

I was up late last night plotting working on my ideas for the Venezia sweater. Since I only want to make it in two colors, I had to decide which two colors to use, which yarn to use, and had to alter the chart. I enlisted my husband’s help in matters of color and chart-altering. I knew that I wanted to use Dream in Color Smooshy (good yardage, awesome colors), but the variety of colors made me uncertain. In the end, with his help, I decided to use Black Parade and Into the Mystic. The slightly variegated nature of Into the Mystic will be stunning against the mostly black, I think. My color sense rarely leads me astray, but the nature of this project made me second-guess myself.  I trolled Ravelry for advice about color dominance (I am going to make the black the dominant color, because it is the pattern).  I agonized about fit, something I rarely do.  It seemed that the hard work was done, and I felt confident. My husband offered to re-make the chart in Excel with only two colors, and I cheerfully accepted.

Despite all my success, I still had a very restless night, and found myself waking up numerous times during the night with fair isle charts in my head, or a dream where there were racks of sweaters, none of which fit me.   Now it’s 8:30 AM on a Sunday, and I find myself unable to go back to sleep.  Stupid knitting.  Fortunately, I have another sweater to work on, which will distract me.

An order to things.

I generally knit my sweaters in a specific order (if they are knit flat).  First I knit the back, then the front, then the sleeves.  For some reason, I did the modern lace henley differently, and I’m somewhat surprised by the result.  I did one of the sleeves first, then the back, then the second sleeve, mostly because I wanted to make sure I had the lace pattern memorized before I started a larger piece.  Generally by the end of a sweater I’m desperate to get it over with, and the sleeves pay the price.  Many of my sweaters have sleeves that are just long enough, because I couldn’t bare to knit on it any longer.  This time, I was able to make both of the sleeves longer and not feel…rushed.  Of course, it does help that they are short sleeves, but still.  I think I may change the order in which I make sweaters permanently.  I feel much more free, and I know that I will enjoy actually being finished when I finish the collar, instead of having another sleeve to do.

I’m hoping that I can make some good progress on the front, and maybe even have it done by Monday.   We’ll see how that works out.

Blogging can be a dangerous sport.

Clearly, someone is out to get me.  It’s pretty much his major pastime, really.  He lurks behind the monitor, on the stairs, directly behind me, waiting for me.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute.  🙂

Working hard?

I finished the Loopy Ewe Swap socks.  (no picture, of course) Overall, I really like them and I really, really like the yarn I used.  I’ve been gathering goodies, and have stalled on the “something that reminds you of home.”  I know I’m not the only one.  I guess the problem is that I’m not sure what my definition of “home” is.  Regardless, I have a few ideas.

On other fronts, the modern lace henley is coming along nicely.

I didn’t mention casting on for it, did I?  That’s because the last two projects I cast on for using this yarn promptly went to shit.  So, I wanted to wait until I was sure I had something I’m sticking with before posting about it.  It isn’t too hard, especially now that I have the lace pattern memorized.  I got some good work done on it during the Super Bowl (Go GIANTS!!).  Once this sweater is completed, I’ll feel free enough to start the fair isle project.

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