An order to things.

I generally knit my sweaters in a specific order (if they are knit flat).  First I knit the back, then the front, then the sleeves.  For some reason, I did the modern lace henley differently, and I’m somewhat surprised by the result.  I did one of the sleeves first, then the back, then the second sleeve, mostly because I wanted to make sure I had the lace pattern memorized before I started a larger piece.  Generally by the end of a sweater I’m desperate to get it over with, and the sleeves pay the price.  Many of my sweaters have sleeves that are just long enough, because I couldn’t bare to knit on it any longer.  This time, I was able to make both of the sleeves longer and not feel…rushed.  Of course, it does help that they are short sleeves, but still.  I think I may change the order in which I make sweaters permanently.  I feel much more free, and I know that I will enjoy actually being finished when I finish the collar, instead of having another sleeve to do.

I’m hoping that I can make some good progress on the front, and maybe even have it done by Monday.   We’ll see how that works out.

1 Response to “An order to things.”

  1. 1 elizabeth March 10, 2008 at 11:43 am

    And it turned out so well! I knit sleeves, or at least one of them, first too, to aleviate the boredom factor but also to get an idea of whether my gauge swatch has lied.

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