Technicolor fair isle dreams.

Does thinking about knitting ever keep you from sleeping?

I was up late last night plotting working on my ideas for the Venezia sweater. Since I only want to make it in two colors, I had to decide which two colors to use, which yarn to use, and had to alter the chart. I enlisted my husband’s help in matters of color and chart-altering. I knew that I wanted to use Dream in Color Smooshy (good yardage, awesome colors), but the variety of colors made me uncertain. In the end, with his help, I decided to use Black Parade and Into the Mystic. The slightly variegated nature of Into the Mystic will be stunning against the mostly black, I think. My color sense rarely leads me astray, but the nature of this project made me second-guess myself.  I trolled Ravelry for advice about color dominance (I am going to make the black the dominant color, because it is the pattern).  I agonized about fit, something I rarely do.  It seemed that the hard work was done, and I felt confident. My husband offered to re-make the chart in Excel with only two colors, and I cheerfully accepted.

Despite all my success, I still had a very restless night, and found myself waking up numerous times during the night with fair isle charts in my head, or a dream where there were racks of sweaters, none of which fit me.   Now it’s 8:30 AM on a Sunday, and I find myself unable to go back to sleep.  Stupid knitting.  Fortunately, I have another sweater to work on, which will distract me.

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