It came in a box…

I was having a bad day. Work was tiring, I had to get up early, I bumped my head this morning, and it was cold. I came home from work. There was a box!

Good things come in boxes! I was excited. I broke a nail on said box.

(argh, dry cuticles!)
  But it was worth it, look!

(the sock is discussing the nature of cool with the Alienware computer, who knows cool)

Socks! Yay socks!

Very nice, well-fitting, green socks! And lo, there was more. A book that makes me laugh, and tea, and tags that will be quite useful for my other knitting projects. But best of all, behold: one of those red bags that all the Loopy Ewe fans were talking about, but I had never seen because they were sold out (last I checked).

(it isn’t as blurry in real life, I promise.)

Oh, the pockets! The redness! The useful size and portability! I really love The Loopy Ewe.

No longer am I having a bad day. Thank you so much, swap pal. I can only wish that my swap partner is as happy with my offerings as I am with these gifts.

1 Response to “It came in a box…”

  1. 1 Heather February 11, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I’m so glad you like everything. The socks were fun to knit and it was fun trying to find goodies for the box.

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