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FO: Show-off Rainbow Socks

Pattern: Show-off Stranded socks (PDF file) by Anne Campbell
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Skinny sock, color Celebration, size 1 US needle
Start: March 11
Finished: April 27

I had been craving some colorful yarn for awhile, and happened upon this skein up for destash in March. I figured a pattern that was meant to break up color sections would be best for really colorful yarn, which was true. Still, I’m not overly pleased with the level of pooling with this yarn (see the weird dark sections). I know how picky I am about yarn color, so my mild displeasure isn’t surprising. The pattern was cool, especially the interesting heel construction.

There is no normal gusset with this sock.  As a result, the ankle is much wider than typical socks.  I thought the construction was really interesting, though it did mean that the socks are slightly too big in the ankle area for me.  So, the verdict on these socks is: fair.  Not too bad, but not awesome either.  I’m glad to have them done, mostly because now I can work on some projects that have been waiting for awhile.

The results of a stash-pocalypse

I’ve been going a little crazy the past month, stash-wise.  I have been snapping up various yarns (mostly sock) from others’ sell/trade pages on Ravelry.

(just 3 examples, but there are more)

It’s funny, because at the beginning of the month I downloaded my stash spreadsheet and discovered that I have about 7,000 yards of yarn.  I know that most people have stashes significantly bigger than that, so I felt good about myself.  Then there were all these sock yarns available for sale/trade, and I also put some of my stuff up for destash, so the yarn has been pouring in.  To top it off, yesterday was one of my friend’s birthday, and she asked me to accompany her to a LYS, where her fiance resignedly cheerfully bought her lots of yarn.  She is a fairly new knitter, so I’ve been tutoring her.  While at said yarn store, I saw that they had some Kathmandu DK for sale, 40% off.  That made it $4.20 a skein.  Buying commenced.  It is rare for me to buy yarn without a project in mind, but sometimes I just can’t resist.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I did have a vague idea for a project when I bought the yarn.  Currently, I plan on making the Seeded Cables Cardigan from Sensual Knits.  That’s right, it’s a very complicated cabled cardigan, and it also is full of errata.  I just love the way it looks, though, and I think this yarn is perfect for it, so I’m going to ignore all those time that I said “I hate cables.”  I’m sure it will be fine.  I’m going to live in denial land, where it is always sunny and cables are wonderful.

Aren’t zippers supposed to open on both ends?

I happily sewed the zipper into Joie de Vivre two days ago, and was mostly pleased with the results.  However, I discovered a small hitch (after it was all sewn in, of course).  Observe.

This is the bottom of the zipper.  Notice that metal stop, immediately below the zipper?  Yeah.  It’s one piece, not two.  This means that the zipper does not open on the bottom.  Not ideal.  I’m really not sure how I managed to find a zipper like that, let alone sew it into my sweater.  So, tomorrow I’m going to get a new zipper, and make sure that it’s one that opens on both ends.

G is for Gravity

It took me forever to come up with a picture for this, and I’m not sure it makes all that much sense, so I’ll try to explain it as best I can.

Gravity is my constant enemy.  It makes me drop my knitting projects, pushes over the mug of tea I have precariously balanced on the arm of the sofa, and makes my pod constantly fall out of my pockets when I stand.  This picture attempts to illustrate gravity’s toll on me, by showing a freshly dropped knitting project (my foot is for scale).    Not only does gravity continually annoy me, it also means that I get cat hair on every project.


I continue to be pleased with my new(ish) blocking aid, Knitter’s Blocks.  An unfortunate side effect of being able to make a blocking surface whatever size/shape I want it to be is not having anywhere to put it once it is pinned.  Enter the downstairs bathroom.

It is a very small bathroom, but the sink it is mostly big enough to hold Joie de Vivre, with a few 3D modifications.  There is an added benefit: the cats can’t get in.  Oh, yes, I do use Stephen King books to hold down key areas.  They are thick and heavy, and provide that touch of horror that all my sweaters need.

I checked on the sweater this morning, and it is dry.  Tonight, there will be zipper.

A pile of progress.

Sort of.  My sweater is in that “pile of knitting” phase, where it’s just starting to get annoying to maneuver it around on your lap.

(yes, it is blurry, but so was I this morning when I took this)

See?  It’s a pretty good-looking sweater, and really quite easy.  So far it’s looking like I’ll have more than enough yarn, which is good.


It’s been a week an a half of setbacks. First, I decided to continue my venezia break, mostly because I discovered an error I made, ripped it out, re-knit it, then discovered anew how long it was going to take. Additionally, I ran out of yarn for the shrug I was working on, and don’t have the money to buy another skein yet. I was done with these things. Once that decision was made, I cast on for the lovely Pink Sundae camisole from Sensual Knits. I had the appropriate weight yarn, in the appropriate color. For some reason, though, I decided to knit a size that does not fit me.

(check out the weird puckering)

It is bulgy in the back, because, well, I just don’t have the tits to fill it out. So I have to undo the 3 needle bind-off and rip back to the end of the lace pattern, then add some hefty decreases. It fits well enough in the torso that I’m not going to rip it all out, though I thought about it. After a day of sulking, I decided that I would make something that I will finish/fit/be nice-looking/have enough yarn for. I am a greed gus, and managed to get 3 skeins of the most recent Sundara Seasons club yarn, color Candied Chrome. I cast on for Joie de Vivre, a cardigan from Sensual Knits.

Candied Chrome

Yes. I know I have lots of cardigans, but I plan to put a zipper in this one! So far, so good. It appears to be the correct size and everything.

FO – Cable Twist Socks

cable twist socks

I actually finished these last week, but didn’t get around to posting about them until now.

Pattern: Cable Twist socks, by Adrian Bizilia (Hello Yarn)
Yarn: Squoosh 2-ply handspun (75% merino 25% silk), bouquet, size 3 US needles
Mods: used my preferred toe method instead of the one called for in the pattern.

These needed to be completed quickly, as they were for a co-worker who was leaving on April 1.  I did finish them in time: 11 days, due to knitting ADD.  It was close, because I just couldn’t stay focused on these, but wanted to work on everything under the sun.  This was my first experience working with handspun, and I enjoyed it.  It also cemented my plans to never learn to spin.  I just don’t think I would have the patience or motivation to get this good.  Instead, I will buy the handspun of others.  Everyone wins.  🙂

F is for Fan

In many ways, the fan is the most important part of my existence.  It helps me sleep.  It keeps me cool.  It soothes me in times of need.  I’ve always had battles regarding the fan/sleep arrangement; when I was little my dad had to forcibly take my fan away from me when it got cold.  Now, my husband is more forgiving.  Regardless, I did buy one of those noise-makers in an attempt to break my fan habit.  No dice.  It is just a vice I will have to live with.

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