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Math I enjoy.

Summer of Socks motivation + 2 days = 1.5 socks.


I was quite impressed with myself and my work ethic.  Generally it takes me slightly longer than 2 days to finish one sock (my average is 4 days), and the second sock takes about 8 days.  My buzz was somewhat crushed, however, when I discovered that 4 or 5 people had already finished an entire pair of socks on Monday (when last I checked).  I know it isn’t a competition, but it does make me feel a little like a loser.  Still, I have high hopes, and I’m planning on trying out the 2 socks on one circular needle for my next pair.  And, man do I love Koigu!  It is awesome, and has awesome colors, and awesome stitch definition.  Maybe if I succeed in knitting up my entire sock yarn stash (which is very possible), I’ll reward myself with some Koigu.

L is for Lazy (and other related things)

I’m very lazy, it’s true.  This is me sitting in bed, demanding things be brought to me because I’m too lazy to get them myself.

In other news, I’m also very whiny, because I hate having to wait to cast on for new projects. I worked on my Seeded Cables cardigan (I’m done with the decreases now!) and read Good Omens, but I just could not sustain my interest. I wound some yarn for my first SoS socks, and then the brand new cashmere/silk yarn I just got, courtesy of Skein Queen. That’s for some gloves, which I can’t make until SoS is over anyway, but still. It is the softest and deepest blue yarn every. I love it, but I cannot cast on with it, because I must not start any new projects!

ETA: I actually wrote this post on Friday, but didn’t post it until Sunday, so…

FO: Drop-stitch Lace Tank

Pattern: Drop stitch lace Tank, from Fitted Knits
Yarn: Sundara Silky Merino, 3 skeins, colorway Charcoal over Blue Lagoon (Season’s Club color)

My photographer (husband) wasn’t around when I finished this, so I just took this less-than-stellar picture. This is my last project that I’ve been avoiding, and the last of my goal WIP to finish before Summer of Socks begins. I was a little worried about how the yarn would hold up, if it would get all pilly after being worn for an entire day, but I wore this to work last week and it looks just as good. Plus, it’s so soft! This really is very, very stretchy, too, so I’m glad I followed the directions and made a smaller size. It’s also very comfortable.

I feel much lighter now that this is completed, and I’ve begun working on the Seeded Cables cardigan in earnest. I’m about 3 inches in on the body, and it’s looking pretty good. I’ve also been planning what socks to do first for Summer of Socks. I confess, this self-imposed “no socks until June 21!” plan has been harder than I anticipated. I definitely have an appetite for socks right now. In that vein, I also signed up for Olympic Yarn Smackdown, in the advanced sock category. That starts August 8. I’ve always been a competitive sort, but stayed away from Sock Wars because of the complexity (which now appears to have been the right decision). I’m looking forward to seeing how I do.

Scarves take long.

I forgot why I don’t like scarves.  They take forever.  I’ve been working on Alhambra for what feels like months now, and I’m only about 60% done.

It’s not a bad-looking scarf, and the pattern is really easy.  But it’s taking forever!

The fires of motivation.

I finished three projects yesterday. I am very pleased with all of them, and just excited that I got so much stuff done. Observe:

This is a car shifter cover, something I just happened upon when I was looking on ravelry for a project for one skein of DK weight yarn. It took roughly two hours to complete, and is made from an unknown ball of yarn that I got in a swap. I think it might be Cherry Tree Hill sportweight. I’ve been thinking about duplicate stitching some sort of design on the top. Second:

This is a close-up of the pattern of my newly completed Old Shale smoke ring. I used Koigu Nori (50% silk 50% merino). I have to say that I do like this yarn, but I’m not completely pleased with the color. I think I should have just gone for the colors that koigu does best (the bright multi-colored yarns). Still, it’s very nice, and very, very stretchy. I don’t have an action shot of it yet, because it’s still blocking. Third (and best!):

This is a Little Silk Shrug (Pam Allen, Lace Style) made from the cursed yarn (DB Pure Silk). I am beyond thrilled with this: it’s stretchy, blue, and, well, awesome. It will go well with the many spaghetti-strap dresses I have, and allow me to wear said dresses to work. Take that, stupid dress code!

To celebrate my crushing victory over many of my outstanding works-in-progress, I immediately cast on for a new project with the leftover SweetGeorgia laceweight. Alhambra, by Anne Hanson. I love Anne Hanson designs almost as much as Nancy Bush, though I knit far fewer of them. I always love making lace, but I never wear it. Fortunately, she has many scarf/stole patterns that can work for smaller lace projects.  So far it’s looking stunning.

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