Hey there!

It’s been awhile.

I have been knitting, but I just haven’t gotten around to blogging about it.  It seems like it’s a motivation thing: I’ve had other things to focus on, things that stressed (read: depressed) me to the point where I could think of nothing else.  Now that I’m doing better, stress-wise, I can refocus myself on my knitting.  The upside of being bipolar is that depression is usually followed by mild mania, which I’m capitalizing on.  I’m churning through Christy at a fantastic rate.  I have the back and both sleeves done, and the left front 75% done.  I even blocked and seamed the pieces that I finished.  I’m really enjoying the Rowan 4-ply soft I’m using for this sweater, and it’s led to a bit of a new-found obsession with Rowan yarn.  I scored some Rowan Wool Cotton from a destash, and have been hunting for a pattern to use with it (I only got ~500 yards worth).  I may try to find a few more skeins of it, so I have enough for a sweater.

I had a great time at GenCon, and have basically no pictures to prove it.  🙂  Trust me when I say, it was awesome fun!  I also attended a new LARP last weekend, Threads, which was also fun.  One key benefit of joining a new LARP campaign is that I get to shop for more costuming.  I play a Japanese character, and have been stalking verious unfinished (cheaper) kimono for a formal costume for next game.  I figure that I still know how to sew well enough to finish a kimono, right?

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