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It’s been an active sort of weekend. I ordered a karinui from Japan (an unfinished kimono) early last week, which arrived on Saturday. It’s everything I hoped it would be, and is going to take a moderate amount of work to complete. I suspect I’ll be posting pictures next weekend when I begin work on it. I’m very excited!

In knitting news, I’ve been working on all my WIPs. I finished Christy (pics forthcoming), and have made progress on the very, very tall socks. Also, just this afternoon, I received an email from Claudia (of Wollmeise fame) saying that I’ve gotten into her sock club! Now I just have to find the money…


Trust the pattern.

I didn’t, and now I am paying. I played roughly 25-28 hours of Dungeons and Dragons Online this weekend (it’s extra XP and loot weekend), and spend the downtime working on Serrano.  I managed to get the whole left front done.  When I first started the armhole shaping/shoulder decreases, I was suspicious of the pattern.  It said that I should put the facing stitches on waste yarn.  Looking ahead, I saw that later I was supposed to knit the collar at the very end.  I was confused.  How would the facing be long enough?  I couldn’t visualize it (probably because I was doing two very involved things at once).  So, I made the executive decision to not put the facing stitches on waste yarn, and charge forward.  I theorized that I had forgotten to print out part of the pattern.  Yeah, that’s it.

Today, I went online and checked the pattern on Knitty, then went to the Serrano KAL for picture verification (of the horrific mistake I made).  Yes.  I now get to rip out all the work I did over the weekend, all because I didn’t trust the pattern.

At least I got shitons of loot and am now level 10 in DDO.  Sigh.

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