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I finished the first young lady’s stocking on Friday, tried it on, and promptly discovered that my mods made the sock too short for my needs.  I had originally planned to shorten the ribbing and do more repeats of the lace pattern in an attempt to conserve yarn (silly, I know).  By the time I got through my extra repeats, it was clear that I would have to buy another skein, but I didn’t feel like ripping back.  So, when I realized that it was too short, I got to pick out the cast on edge and knit another 2 1/2 inches up from that point.  Now it’s long enough.  So,  I’ll say that I finished the sock in 4 days, even though that’s sort of cheating.

I cast on for the mate yesterday, resisting the urge to start 2 or 3 other projects.  I’ve been feeling very discombobulated lately, which may be the reason for my startitis.  Regardless, when I got into the second sock, I felt better, sort of.  September is one of those months that really depress me, because the smells and sounds of fall remind me of the past.  I do my little dance (manic/depressed) at other times of the year too, of course, but this month in particular is bad.  Fortunately, I know to look for it, and prescribe myself lots of knitting. It makes me more productive, mostly, which is definitely good for Christmas knitting.   Socks never fail to cheer me up (unless I screwed up or they are too small….).  🙂

London knitting.

Although I’m still in London at the moment, I thought a quick update would be nice.  It’s really weird typing on a British keyboard; some of the keys are in different places.  Regardless, all my careful planning has paid off, and I suspect I will be nearly finished with the tangled yoke cardigan, which was born on the plane ride to London.  I’ve been KIP during the entire trip, and haven’t gotten any reactions (specifically) so far.  I’ve especially gotten a lot of knitting done during our rides on the tube, which is a miraculously awesome form of transportation.  DH and I have been vaguely talking about moving to London some day, though we would have to win the lottery to do so.  Oh, and I bought a perfect bag to hold my knitting (it has a sheep on it!).  London is cool.  🙂 

I’ll be back for good tomorrow afternoon. 

Short burst.

Here are some of the exciting things I’ve been doing (besides getting married).

1. Dancing around in my new socks from my Sockapalooza Pal! (thanks Tuabella!)

Sockapalooza! Sockapalooza!


(top – Mad Weave socks, bottom – Vinnland)

Yes, my sock pal is so awesome that she made me two pairs. I must confess, I did actually figure out who she was, and even posted a comment on her blog, and she denied that she was my pal all the way to the bank. I’m very glad that I was correct, though, because I love both pairs heartily! I have to say, I’ve never had a pair made from Loet Gems, and I really like the cushiony feel. She also gave me some super cool stitch markers, and a FELTED BAG. Seriously, people, I think I finally understand what all the hype is about felting. Shit. It’s like….amazingly cool looking/feeling.  And it’s all stripey.  Of course, I don’t have the bag to photograph because I left it at work (because now I use it almost every day). Take my word for it, though, it’s awesome. I haven’t heard anything from my sock receiver yet, and I’m hoping they fit…

2. I got married, and it was good. Also, there were lots of gifts/money, and my new husband and I saw fit to dash to the store and get a flat screen TV and an XBox 36o and…

Guitar Hero rocks.

…Guitar Hero II. (you can see part of the cool note written to me by my sock pal under the guitar, it’s the blue paper with green flowers)

Now do you see why I didn’t update like I wanted to?  It isn’t my fault.  Really.  Guitar Hero is so damn addictive that I’ve been knitting less.  It’s hard to knit and play the guitar, you know.

Haiku of frustration, and a war story.

Sweater made of lace
Silly mistakes are everywhere
Hurl it across room.

Serrano is going much better now that I ripped out all 6.75 inches of the front left side and re-knit it this morning.  Still, I’m frustrated at my stupid mistake (hence the haiku). Tomorrow I’m hoping to finish up the right side, then start on the back.  It really is going much quicker now.

I spent about 30 minutes talking to a co-worker today, who happens to be my sister in mental illness.  We don’t have the same diagnosis, but it’s close enough that I could recognize it in her as soon as I got to know her.  She has old scars on her arms that are quite impressive, that I had seen a few months earlier.  It was when I saw those marks that I knew.  Whenever I see scars on people’s arms, I always think them the results of mental illness.  Often, I’m wrong.  In this case, however, I wasn’t.  It was one of those times when I was sorry that I was right.

I always get very thoughtful after swapping war stories with someone, and tonight I feel almost…nostalgic.  Talking about the past just reminds me how far I’ve come, and makes me hope that she can do the same.

Knitting Ennui.

I have been struck with some fairly severe knitting ennui.  Nothing I have been knitting in the past week has really filled me with joy.  I managed to finish one glove (made with STR Ruby Slippers), and I’m not thrilled with it.  There are tension issues that I think could have been fixed by going down a needle size.  That would mean doing math, though.  And I don’t have any size 2 needles.  I’m debating what to do;  I certainly have enough to do two more gloves without running out.  This glove frustration didn’t discourage me from knitting that much (at first), so I switched over to my socks that I’m working on, only to discover that I didn’t mark where I left off in the pattern.  Foiled, I moved on to Serrano, which has been languishing in the corner of the coffee table for “disgraced items.”  Upon picking it up, I quickly realized why it was in said corner; my stitch count was off.  I managed to fix it (by decreasing in a sneaky fashion), and have been working on it since Sunday evening.

My hands are still cold, though.  I need to decide what I’m going to do.  If I do decide to make a replacement glove, I will probably frog the other glove.  Not sure what I’ll do with the leftover, though.  Maybe a log cabin blanket?  I certainly have enough sock yarn leftovers……….

Ode to my PDA

I got my new PDA on Friday, in the hopes that it would keep me more organized and prevent me from double-booking myself constantly.

And lo, it did. I diligently loaded it with my work schedule, meetings, appointments, and paperework due dates. I knew every weekend I had a LARP scheduled, or when I was available to play D&D. I even downloaded an app that keeps track of all my yarn, needles, patterns, books, and measurements of people I normally knit for. I added people’s phone numbers and addresses, and set up alarms so I would never forget anyone’s birthday ever again.

It was good.

Then, I discovered Village Sim. At first, productivity didn’t halt.  I downloaded the trial version.  I enjoy being an evil/controlling/obsessive overlord, I thought, so this might be cool.  I played it for a little bit.  Then, it began to consume me.  I spent the $20 to buy the game (yes, this is how addicted I am).

My fiance started to notice.  He said “Your knitting needles look sad, because you’ve been neglecting them for your villagers.”  He was right, of course.  “But the game runs in real time!  I must supervise them at all times!” I cried.  Last night, I attempted to both knit and supervise, with much success.  I suspect that the 5 skeins of assorted yarn that are coming to me (hopefully) this week will distract me.

So, the moral of the story is, watch out what you download on your PDA, because it may end up making you less productive.


Sorry, I had a family emergency.  Hence, no posts.  I have a finished pair of socks to display, hopefully tomorrow.

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