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It came in a box…

I was having a bad day. Work was tiring, I had to get up early, I bumped my head this morning, and it was cold. I came home from work. There was a box!

Good things come in boxes! I was excited. I broke a nail on said box.

(argh, dry cuticles!)
  But it was worth it, look!

(the sock is discussing the nature of cool with the Alienware computer, who knows cool)

Socks! Yay socks!

Very nice, well-fitting, green socks! And lo, there was more. A book that makes me laugh, and tea, and tags that will be quite useful for my other knitting projects. But best of all, behold: one of those red bags that all the Loopy Ewe fans were talking about, but I had never seen because they were sold out (last I checked).

(it isn’t as blurry in real life, I promise.)

Oh, the pockets! The redness! The useful size and portability! I really love The Loopy Ewe.

No longer am I having a bad day. Thank you so much, swap pal. I can only wish that my swap partner is as happy with my offerings as I am with these gifts.

Working hard?

I finished the Loopy Ewe Swap socks.  (no picture, of course) Overall, I really like them and I really, really like the yarn I used.  I’ve been gathering goodies, and have stalled on the “something that reminds you of home.”  I know I’m not the only one.  I guess the problem is that I’m not sure what my definition of “home” is.  Regardless, I have a few ideas.

On other fronts, the modern lace henley is coming along nicely.

I didn’t mention casting on for it, did I?  That’s because the last two projects I cast on for using this yarn promptly went to shit.  So, I wanted to wait until I was sure I had something I’m sticking with before posting about it.  It isn’t too hard, especially now that I have the lace pattern memorized.  I got some good work done on it during the Super Bowl (Go GIANTS!!).  Once this sweater is completed, I’ll feel free enough to start the fair isle project.

Leading by example.

My knitting fervor has apparently rubbed off on others.  About a week ago, one of my friends send me an instant message, confessing that she was teaching herself how to knit.  Apparently they have “learn to knit” kits at Michaels, and she bought one there, mostly because it was heavily discounted.  I informed her that I was more than happy to supply her with crack yarn, because she’s allergic to most wool and other fibers, and I have shitloads of bamboo yarn I want to get rid of.  Her fiance was dismayed.  Pleased with my forwarding of the knitting cause, I went over to another friend’s house on Saturday and she informed me that she wanted to re-learn knitting (she already crochets).  I was pleased!  I spent some time discussing fiber arts with her, much to the chagrin of her roommates.  Then, one of my old friends from high school told me yesterday that she’s taken up spinning, and is in love with it, and wants to work on her knitting skills as well (she also crochets).  It’s been a very productive few weeks.  I feel almost like some benevolent knitting goddess, leading by example and bestowing gifts of crack yarn upon my followers.  (I’m crazy).

I’m 2/3 of the way done with the Loopy Ewe Swap socks.  I’ve started my search for goodies, which is always the area in which I have the most trouble.  Fortunately, I have some good ideas already.

FO: Oblique

This was actually finished on 12/31, so I’m counting this as the final finished project for 2007.

(I am against velociraptors, as stated by my shirt)

Pattern: Oblique, by Veronik Avery
Yarn: Beaverslide worsted weight, 4.5 skeins, color Mountain Twilight, size 8 needle.
Mods:  None, really.

(squishy detail)

This was another one of those patterns that I wasn’t sure I would like on, but really liked the way it looked on the model.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, with one exception: the button band (it’s always the button band).  I need to re-sew on the buttons, because this button band will not gap when the buttons are in the correct place.  Other than that, the sweater looks good, fits comfortably, and is at that almost-but-not-actually-itchy place.  It’s good.

On other fronts, I received the yarn for my Loopy Ewe Swap pal, and have started the socks.  I love this yarn to death, and can’t wait to post pictures and go on and on about how awesome it is.  But, I have to wait until I send them.

Searching, searching.

I did decide to frog the Thelonious socks for my sister, as I mentioned recently. I went on the hunt for a new pattern. I downloaded the Ironwork sock pattern, because that would look great in a solid colored yarn, but realized after downloading it that it would be too complicated to finish by Christmas. (But it will be perfect for my Loopy Ewe swap pal, I think!) So. I then spent the rest of the Monday looking on Ravelry for an appropriate pattern, and by Monday evening had cast on for a new pattern, using completely different yarn that was in my stash. Tuesday afternoon came, and I decided that I didn’t like the way the toe was turning out, so I frogged that sock, and went back to the original yarn. I found the falling leaves pattern from Knitty, which I thought would look pretty good in solid colored yarn. I cast on. I went to bed vaguely satisfied with the results. Wednesday morning, I went to work, and discovered that the winter Knitty had come out! And, lo and behold, I discovered the perfect pattern for my sister’s Christmas socks. Lace, but not too feminine. Appropriately stretchy (hopefully). Toe up with heel flap construction. Perfect. I cast on.

It’s looking good. There’s no more time to waste, so I’ll be completely monogamous until these socks are completed. Oblique and the yet-to-arrive Sundara silk lace can suck it.


Here’s a picture of my mermaid gloves, in progress:

I have actually finished this glove since the picture was taken (go go 4 day glove!), and am taking copious notes, so as to ensure that both gloves are at least mostly the same. There isn’t any actual pattern, but I found quite a few resources that helped me.  They will be done before it gets so cold that I need them, I think.

I decided to not continue with my Yarn Pirate Booty Club membership late last week, because I became aware of the Seasons yarn club (Sundara). I’ve been hoping to get into one of her clubs for some time, partially because she’s one of the best dyers of semi solid yarns that I’ve found, in my opinion.  It is about $20 more than the Booty Club, but I must have it, so…  Also, the Booty Club was cool/fun, but the yarn wasn’t ever really to my liking. I’m very excited to get my first shipment.  Soon I’ll be getting my partner for the Loopy Ewe swap, too, which is also exciting.

Another swap!

I signed up for The Loopy Ewe Swap two days ago, and I’m already excited. I’ve been looking around for another swap that will be as awesome as sockapalooza 4 was (I have high standards), and didn’t find anything to my liking. Then, some ravelry folks started up a swap based on their love of Sheri and The Loopy Ewe, and I was in! I too love her, and her store, and I like the fact that this swap is going to be smaller/more intimate. And I may get the chance to knit a shawl for someone, which I would love to do. Icarus is sitting on a shelf somewhere, pining, because I never wear shawls, despite the fact that I love lace knitting. That shawl will be gifted to my grandmother-in-law for Christmas this year.  I hope to be able to knit another shawl sometime soon.

Look!  A (slightly blurry) kitten!

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