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Birthdays are for awesome.

My birthday was actually last week, but I haven’t had time to properly enjoy it until now. This week is annual state inspection at my workplace, and everyone has been consumed with it. This means way, way less time for knitting and blogging. Now that my books have been successfully audited, I can discuss knitting things again.

I got various gift certificates for yarn places (pictures forthcoming), but the some of the best things I got were gadgets/books. Check this out:

This is a set of super-cool blocking…blocks. They are made out of some cool foam sort of stuff covered with carpet, and they interlock to form pretty much whatever shape you need. It’s really cool, and has the added benefit of being water-resistant which makes stuff dry faster. Here’s an action shot.

This is the second Venezia sleeve blocking on two of the blocks.   I’m really pleased.  I also got a number of books, namely Favorite Socks (Interweave Knits compliation), and Sensual Knits.  Let me just say up front that while both books are cool, Sensual Knits is spectacular.  I think there are 3 or 4 patterns in the book that I do not want to make.  It’s ridiculous.  I have already ordered some yarn to make one of the tank top patterns, and have been looking for yarn for one of the dresses.  I’m stoked.  There’s been good progress on the Venezia Sweater (as evidenced by picture), and I’ve started the body of the sweater.  Once I get it done, my master plan is to work on one of the dresses.  Yay knit dresses!


I knew this already, but

…fair isle takes forever!

Here is my progress on the first sleeve of the Venezia sweater.  It’s gotten faster as time has gone on, but it’s still fairly slow.  Yes, I knew that fair isle was a skill for those with patience, but I’m very addicted to seeing the pattern emerge.  Fortunately, I have various birthday socks to work on when I get tired of constantly squinting.

I started my fair isle sweater!

I’m so excited, I know, and look at the amount of progress I’ve made so far:

Yes, this is the hem of the Venezia sweater. Haven’t even started any of the colorwork yet, because I don’t have the contrast yarn yet. I ordered it today from Sonny and Shear, because my old standby, The Loopy Ewe, didn’t have it, and I’m impatient. Very, very impatient.  The second the yarn arrives, I will begin the rest of the sleeve.  In the meantime, I’m working on various birthday socks.

Technicolor fair isle dreams.

Does thinking about knitting ever keep you from sleeping?

I was up late last night plotting working on my ideas for the Venezia sweater. Since I only want to make it in two colors, I had to decide which two colors to use, which yarn to use, and had to alter the chart. I enlisted my husband’s help in matters of color and chart-altering. I knew that I wanted to use Dream in Color Smooshy (good yardage, awesome colors), but the variety of colors made me uncertain. In the end, with his help, I decided to use Black Parade and Into the Mystic. The slightly variegated nature of Into the Mystic will be stunning against the mostly black, I think. My color sense rarely leads me astray, but the nature of this project made me second-guess myself.  I trolled Ravelry for advice about color dominance (I am going to make the black the dominant color, because it is the pattern).  I agonized about fit, something I rarely do.  It seemed that the hard work was done, and I felt confident. My husband offered to re-make the chart in Excel with only two colors, and I cheerfully accepted.

Despite all my success, I still had a very restless night, and found myself waking up numerous times during the night with fair isle charts in my head, or a dream where there were racks of sweaters, none of which fit me.   Now it’s 8:30 AM on a Sunday, and I find myself unable to go back to sleep.  Stupid knitting.  Fortunately, I have another sweater to work on, which will distract me.

FO: Fair Isle Cthulhu Dicebag

(AKA: Dicebag of awesome)

Stats: Some pattern I found on the internet.  I have no idea where I got it.  Fair isle Cthulhu pattern also found on the internet (a few years ago), no idea where I got that.  I’m so helpful.
Yarn: 1.5 skeins Louet Gems Pearl in Linen Gray, .2 skein of green.  The orangy/pink/brown stripe is Cherry Tree Hill supersock potluck, and I use a tiny amount of that.  I used size 1.5 US needle for the whole thing.

This was an awesome, quick project with great results.  My husband was so impressed that he wants one for himself.  I’m just happy that I was able to pick up fair isle with basically no problem, and make a kick-ass dicebag for myself.

Now I just need more dice to fill it up.  🙂

Obsession, thy name is fair isle.

I started a fair isle dice bag yesterday, mostly because I really wanted to work on something involving colorwork (dammit!).  I don’t have enough personal money left to buy the yarn for the sweater until next month, so I was looking around for some other similar project.  I have had a cthulhu fair isle chart on the fridge for months, and from there the leap was easy!  I have no idea where I got said chart from, nor where I got the original dice bag pattern.  I know I got both of them from the internet, and that’s about it.

(the yarn is more green than blue)

I just could not stop knitting.  It’s mesmerizing to see the pattern emerge.

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