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Oblique – redux

After looking at everyone else’s Obliques, I decided to change the buttons to match the actual pattern.  It made it look better, and fit better, so it’s good times.  I’ve been wearing it to work most of the week (and to NYC), though recently it’s been too warm (!!!) to wear it much.   Not much posting this week, due to massive workload, but I did get one sock for my Loopy Ewe sock pal done, and I’ve been working on Gibson Girl some.

I’ve become obsessed with one of my 2008 goals, colorwork.  I’ve been planning and planning for the Venezia sweater, and I’ve decided that I want to use Dream in Color Smooshy instead of normal fair isle yarn.  I can do machine steeks.  I’ve never done steeks before, but it seems fairly straightforward, and my sewing machine and I have a pretty good relationship, I think.  So, we’ll see.  Of course, I have to wait until next month to buy the yarn, and I’d like to try to get Gibson Girl mostly done (or done) before I start Venezia.

FO: Oblique

This was actually finished on 12/31, so I’m counting this as the final finished project for 2007.

(I am against velociraptors, as stated by my shirt)

Pattern: Oblique, by Veronik Avery
Yarn: Beaverslide worsted weight, 4.5 skeins, color Mountain Twilight, size 8 needle.
Mods:  None, really.

(squishy detail)

This was another one of those patterns that I wasn’t sure I would like on, but really liked the way it looked on the model.  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, with one exception: the button band (it’s always the button band).  I need to re-sew on the buttons, because this button band will not gap when the buttons are in the correct place.  Other than that, the sweater looks good, fits comfortably, and is at that almost-but-not-actually-itchy place.  It’s good.

On other fronts, I received the yarn for my Loopy Ewe Swap pal, and have started the socks.  I love this yarn to death, and can’t wait to post pictures and go on and on about how awesome it is.  But, I have to wait until I send them.

I have a confession.

Remember that post earlier this month where I talked about how I found the perfect Christmas socks for my sister, and they were awesome?

Yeah. I ripped them out, and declared that my Christmas knitting was over. Over!! I’ll just give my sister the Koolhaas hat and call it a day. I made this decision last week, and ever since I’ve been significantly less cranky. It’s an odd feeling to be done with Christmas knitting so far in advance, I have to say. It’s as if a 100 ton weight with a very nice knitted weight cover has been lifted from my shoulders. I did the “No more Christmas knitting!” victory dance. I was unreasonably giddy. I’m free to work on whatever I choose (though I have to wait until Christmas Eve to start my silk lace project because I want to wind it on a swift, one of my Christmas presents).

I’ve been working on Oblique all week, and started the sleeves last night. I decided to seam up the sides before starting the sleeves, just for a little change of scenery. So far, they’re the best seams I’ve ever done! Yay for selvage stitches. And soon my yarn for my Loopy Ewe sock pal will arrive, and I’ll have another new project.

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