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The fires of motivation.

I finished three projects yesterday. I am very pleased with all of them, and just excited that I got so much stuff done. Observe:

This is a car shifter cover, something I just happened upon when I was looking on ravelry for a project for one skein of DK weight yarn. It took roughly two hours to complete, and is made from an unknown ball of yarn that I got in a swap. I think it might be Cherry Tree Hill sportweight. I’ve been thinking about duplicate stitching some sort of design on the top. Second:

This is a close-up of the pattern of my newly completed Old Shale smoke ring. I used Koigu Nori (50% silk 50% merino). I have to say that I do like this yarn, but I’m not completely pleased with the color. I think I should have just gone for the colors that koigu does best (the bright multi-colored yarns). Still, it’s very nice, and very, very stretchy. I don’t have an action shot of it yet, because it’s still blocking. Third (and best!):

This is a Little Silk Shrug (Pam Allen, Lace Style) made from the cursed yarn (DB Pure Silk). I am beyond thrilled with this: it’s stretchy, blue, and, well, awesome. It will go well with the many spaghetti-strap dresses I have, and allow me to wear said dresses to work. Take that, stupid dress code!

To celebrate my crushing victory over many of my outstanding works-in-progress, I immediately cast on for a new project with the leftover SweetGeorgia laceweight. Alhambra, by Anne Hanson. I love Anne Hanson designs almost as much as Nancy Bush, though I knit far fewer of them. I always love making lace, but I never wear it. Fortunately, she has many scarf/stole patterns that can work for smaller lace projects.  So far it’s looking stunning.

FO: Flared Smoke Ring

Pattern: Flared Smoke Ring, by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (Heartstring Fiber Arts)
Yarn: SweetGeorgia merino lace, color Marina (used about 400 yards)

This was a blazing fast project.  I started it on May 11th, and finished it (including blocking) on May 18th.  I think it’s partly because I love lace and just can’t put it down.   I love the color variations in this yarn too, despite the fact that I was concerned that it would be too varigated and hide the pattern.  I think it turned out very nicely, and I’m currently trying to decide what to do with the other 400 yards of yarn.

(yes, I was cold.  It was windy)

The other smoke ring I started has been on the back burner, because currently my TV knitting is being taken up with the seeded cables cardigan.  I’m sure I will be able to get a lot done on said smoke ring this weekend, though, because I have at least one tabletop game scheduled.  It’s good mindless knitting.

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