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It’s been an active sort of weekend. I ordered a karinui from Japan (an unfinished kimono) early last week, which arrived on Saturday. It’s everything I hoped it would be, and is going to take a moderate amount of work to complete. I suspect I’ll be posting pictures next weekend when I begin work on it. I’m very excited!

In knitting news, I’ve been working on all my WIPs. I finished Christy (pics forthcoming), and have made progress on the very, very tall socks. Also, just this afternoon, I received an email from Claudia (of Wollmeise fame) saying that I’ve gotten into her sock club! Now I just have to find the money…

Status update

Despite my blog neglect, I have been knitting. I was steadily working on socks (as per my Summer of Socks goal), when I began to become…disenchanted with sock knitting. I cast-on for more and more socks, until there were 3 pairs of socks-in-progress on the needles. (see below)

So, I picked up an old project, Christy, and I’ve decided to take it with me to GenCon. I’m leaving on Wednesday, and I have a vague hope of finishing lots of it by the end. It is a cardigan knit with size 2 and 3 needles, so there are miles of stockinette to knit.

Technology is for the lazy.

It really is. I’m alone this weekend (husband at a game), and I’m finding it hard to leave the couch. Fortunately, I have an iPhone, the ultimate lazy person’s tool. I do have to work this weekend, so I’ll be forced to leave at some point. Until then, knitting.


Should I withdraw?

I haven’t gotten much knitting done this week, because I was dealing with iPhone irritations that sapped my will to live.  Fortunately, I now have said iPhone.  I completely lost track of the days, and I’ve only managed to finish one pair of socks for this second two-week period of Summer of Socks.  One of my original goals was to finish at least two pairs.  I’ve also taken in more sock yarn, but it isn’t my fault:  Lorna’s Laces just has the perfect shade of blue for tall, tall socks!  I got 3 skeins (via a destash), and I’m hoping to use as much of the yarn as I can, so I can make really tall socks.  Also, it’s been really hot, and that just makes me crazy.  Anyhow, I hope to get the current socks I’m working on done this weekend, and then I can start working on my niece’s socks.  She wants stripy socks, which I love making, so it’s a win-win.

In other news, I may need to withdraw from the Olympic Yarn Smackdown.  I didn’t realize that it coinsided so heavily with my planned vacation (GenCon), and I’m worried about how mailing things to people/having people mail things to a hotel will work.  It seems like it’s just not something that would go smoothly.  I’m annoyed, because I really wanted to take part in this, and I’m only in one event.  I’m just not sure.  If I do withdraw, I’ll probably join the Ravelympics or something, which doesn’t require any mailimg, just an impressive project.  I could try out Bayerishe, or some other equally crazy-hard sock pattern.

I’ve been knitting

…and not really blogging.  I’m not really sure why that is.  To make up for my silence, look: socks!

(top to bottom: plain stockinette magic loop (Duet skinny), Merino lace socks (Koigu KPM), Embossed Leaves (Sundara)

These are the three pairs I’ve completed so far for Summer of Socks.  I’m impressing myself with how quickly I can really complete them when I put my mind to it.  I’m even more impressed with some of my fellow participants: there’s one woman who has completed something like 8 pairs already.  Now that’s leet skillz!  I’m glad I took a sock break before I started, because I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed making socks, how portable they are, and how quick.  I have another pair on the needles right now that I’m really enjoying, and I just got some cashmere DK weight yarn that I might make into slippers…  I’ve got lots of plans.  Anything to distract me from my torturous wait until my new iPhone 3G arrives in the store.  🙂

I finished some stuff.

I am not going to buy any more yarn for one month. So, until June 15, no yarn purchase will be made by me. I went a little crazy, and bought some more sock yarn, some from Sundara and some through destash. It may have been because I also just signed up for Summer of Socks 2008, and desire to knit as many socks as I can during that period. I would like to knit through all my sock yarn stash, though that gets harder every time I buy more…

I also finished a few items:

Pattern: Broadripple, from Knitty
Yarn: Knitterly Things Vesper 100% Merino

These socks are awesome! This is the first time I’ve tried self-striping yarn, and it really is super cool. It also worked out that the stripes matched exactly on both socks (I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen). The pattern was also really easy to memorize, and looks really good with this yarn. I’m very pleased with these.


Pattern: Hiiumaa Socks, from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Koigu (purple and light pink), remants of Sweet Georgia sock yarn

Here we see the danger of dyelots. I knew that dyelots are different, especially with koigu. When I made the first sock (the lighter of the two with the hot pink), I thought I would have enough purple for both socks. Sadly, no, I didn’t, but then I figured that I could just go to Loop and buy more, since that’s where I got it from in the first place. Also no. They sold out of that color and haven’t gotten it back since. Additionally, I threw out the ball band, so I had no idea what dyelot it was. These are birthday socks for my sister that needed to be finished, so I succumbed to desperation and bought more koigu. Same color number, different dyelot. I still think these socks look okay, but I really wish I had enough to finish both.   The fact that it’s a Nancy Bush pattern eased my pain somewhat.  I’ll be giving my sister another pair sometime soon, certainly one of the pairs I make during Summer of Socks, which begins June 21st (I think).  Until then, I have a few other things to work on.

FO: Gentleman’s Fancy Socks

Pattern: Gentleman’s Fancy Socks, by Nancy Bush (in Knitting Vintage Socks)
Yarn: Sundara Sock, Green over Black, size 0 US needle
Mods: None

I made these socks for a friend’s birthday (which was Saturday). I’ve had them done for months (officially finished March 4th), but haven’t blogged about them because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. This yarn was a dream to work with, and I love the color! After I finished this project, I vowed to use more Sundara sock yarn. Fortunately, I signed up for her Seasons club again, so I’ll be sure to get at least a few skeins without having to work for it.

I signed up for Summer of Socks 2008 yesterday. My goal is to knit through my entire stash of sock yarn/finish socks for Christmas by the end of August.  I only have ~6 pairs worth of yarn or so.  I also signed up for the “most socks” contest, and have vague aspirations to win. I can knit socks fast when I want to, but I don’t think I’m fast enough to be a contender. Last year’s winner knit 42 pairs!  That’s a lot of socks.

FO: Stripy Socks

Pattern: Pricilla’s Dream Socks, from Favorite Socks
Yarn: .5 skein Louet Gems Pearl (Linen Gray), .5 skein Wollmeise (Wilder Mohn); size 1.5 US needle

These socks were wickedly fast.  I started them on April 24th and finished blocking them on May 1st, which is 7 days (I think?).  I just couldn’t stop knitting them, which worked out well; they’re “due” today.  I made them for a friend who hasn’t received a pair of socks from me yet, even though she had requested some.  I just forgot that I hadn’t given her any yet!  These really remind me of her personality: bright, colorful, and friendly.  I did do some experimenting with jogless joins for the stripes, with limited success.  I think there will be many more stripy socks in my future.  Plus they are good for stashbusting.

FO: Show-off Rainbow Socks

Pattern: Show-off Stranded socks (PDF file) by Anne Campbell
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Skinny sock, color Celebration, size 1 US needle
Start: March 11
Finished: April 27

I had been craving some colorful yarn for awhile, and happened upon this skein up for destash in March. I figured a pattern that was meant to break up color sections would be best for really colorful yarn, which was true. Still, I’m not overly pleased with the level of pooling with this yarn (see the weird dark sections). I know how picky I am about yarn color, so my mild displeasure isn’t surprising. The pattern was cool, especially the interesting heel construction.

There is no normal gusset with this sock.  As a result, the ankle is much wider than typical socks.  I thought the construction was really interesting, though it did mean that the socks are slightly too big in the ankle area for me.  So, the verdict on these socks is: fair.  Not too bad, but not awesome either.  I’m glad to have them done, mostly because now I can work on some projects that have been waiting for awhile.

FO – Cable Twist Socks

cable twist socks

I actually finished these last week, but didn’t get around to posting about them until now.

Pattern: Cable Twist socks, by Adrian Bizilia (Hello Yarn)
Yarn: Squoosh 2-ply handspun (75% merino 25% silk), bouquet, size 3 US needles
Mods: used my preferred toe method instead of the one called for in the pattern.

These needed to be completed quickly, as they were for a co-worker who was leaving on April 1.  I did finish them in time: 11 days, due to knitting ADD.  It was close, because I just couldn’t stay focused on these, but wanted to work on everything under the sun.  This was my first experience working with handspun, and I enjoyed it.  It also cemented my plans to never learn to spin.  I just don’t think I would have the patience or motivation to get this good.  Instead, I will buy the handspun of others.  Everyone wins.  🙂

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