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Should I withdraw?

I haven’t gotten much knitting done this week, because I was dealing with iPhone irritations that sapped my will to live.  Fortunately, I now have said iPhone.  I completely lost track of the days, and I’ve only managed to finish one pair of socks for this second two-week period of Summer of Socks.  One of my original goals was to finish at least two pairs.  I’ve also taken in more sock yarn, but it isn’t my fault:  Lorna’s Laces just has the perfect shade of blue for tall, tall socks!  I got 3 skeins (via a destash), and I’m hoping to use as much of the yarn as I can, so I can make really tall socks.  Also, it’s been really hot, and that just makes me crazy.  Anyhow, I hope to get the current socks I’m working on done this weekend, and then I can start working on my niece’s socks.  She wants stripy socks, which I love making, so it’s a win-win.

In other news, I may need to withdraw from the Olympic Yarn Smackdown.  I didn’t realize that it coinsided so heavily with my planned vacation (GenCon), and I’m worried about how mailing things to people/having people mail things to a hotel will work.  It seems like it’s just not something that would go smoothly.  I’m annoyed, because I really wanted to take part in this, and I’m only in one event.  I’m just not sure.  If I do withdraw, I’ll probably join the Ravelympics or something, which doesn’t require any mailimg, just an impressive project.  I could try out Bayerishe, or some other equally crazy-hard sock pattern.


Math I enjoy.

Summer of Socks motivation + 2 days = 1.5 socks.


I was quite impressed with myself and my work ethic.  Generally it takes me slightly longer than 2 days to finish one sock (my average is 4 days), and the second sock takes about 8 days.  My buzz was somewhat crushed, however, when I discovered that 4 or 5 people had already finished an entire pair of socks on Monday (when last I checked).  I know it isn’t a competition, but it does make me feel a little like a loser.  Still, I have high hopes, and I’m planning on trying out the 2 socks on one circular needle for my next pair.  And, man do I love Koigu!  It is awesome, and has awesome colors, and awesome stitch definition.  Maybe if I succeed in knitting up my entire sock yarn stash (which is very possible), I’ll reward myself with some Koigu.

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