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Preparations, and a FO

In preparation for NaKniSweMo, when I will be (mostly) faithful to one project, I have been frantically churning out small projects.

Here’s one: Saartje’s bootees, for a friend of mine’s niece. I don’t have children, and I don’t ever intend on having any, but I couldn’t resist the call of such an easy, quick, cute knit. This pair really did only take hours. I’ve already started a second, slightly larger pair in solid Koigu. I have one of the two done, but have been distracted by zeebee.

I’ve been looking for something to use my Malabrigo on, and this is perfect. Nevermind that it’s already sort of starting to pill, before I’ve even finished making it. It’s soft, and squishy, and red! I will be a very exciting sight when I wear both that hat, and my bright pink/purple gloves. Yes indeed.

FO – Mermaid Gloves

These are awesome, in my opinion.

Pattern: based on the Knitty pattern Pomatomus , heavily modified.
Yarn: Sweet Georgia superwash sock, Kiki, 2ish skeins.
I had a really good time making these gloves.  It was really fulfilling to see them appear from nothing, with no hard and fast pattern, but only what I was able to dig up on my own.  It’s like the final knitting frontier (sort of).  I’m looking forward to wearing them as soon as it gets cold, with my new navy blue wool coat. 🙂

I want to knit everything.

I finished my Mermaid gloves (pics tomorrow), and now…well, you know. I have a pair of Christmas socks to finish, which I can do with fairly little effort. I have a Snow White sweater to start in November. Still, I’m obsessively searching around on Ravelry for sweater patterns. So far, I’ve decided that I want to knit Eunny’s Deep V Argyle vest and Enid (Interweave Knits Winter 2006). Are you sensing a trend? Colorwork is my final frontier. Oh, and some of those damn cute baby booties, Saartje’s booties, because one of my friends has a 4 month old niece that could use some booties for Christmas, and it’s a super good use of my leftover sock yarn, and she said she might pay me. They won’t take that long, so what’s the harm? I’m so close to just finishing that one pair of socks for Christmas and nothing else, all so I can have more time to knit for myself. I’m selfish.


I like to do things that motivate me, and I suspect this will. NaNoSweMo is starting up again this year, and I have joined!  It’s based on NaNoWriMo (write a 50,000 word novel in a month), but instead of writing, it’s knitting!  I’m planning on knitting Snow White, though I don’t really know if it actually have 50,000 stitches.  Math is bad.

Everyone is going to Rhinebeck but me.

I want to go, but I can’t for a variety of reasons.  The number one reason is because my husband is running a Buffy tabletop game on Saturday, and it isn’t feasible to drive 5ish hours for one day.  I didn’t start campaigning early enough, either, so my husband isn’t really convinced that it would be fun for him, and I didn’t have time to find an alternate activity for him.  Also, I’m vaguely poor (see yesterday’s post about joining a new yarn club), and lazy.  More the other two reasons than that last one.  I’ve never been to a knitting “event” before, either, so there is an element of anxiety.    It just seems like a really cool event, and one that has lots and lots and lots and lots of yarn, which is never a bad thing (in my opinion).

I’m whiny, I know.  I will just suck it up, stare at the pictures that all the other bloggers take, and start plotting for next year.

In the meantime, I will work really hard to finish my mermaid gloves this weekend, and at least one Christmas sock.  The Shelridge Farm yarn for my next sweater arrived last week, too, but I don’t have a size 7 circular needle, so no starting that.  Also, I’m not as pleased with the color as I could be: it has a little more orange in it than I would like.  I suspect I will get used to it, though, and it is still red, and very nice.  Regardless, I am going to be pious until the weekend is over.  Really!


Here’s a picture of my mermaid gloves, in progress:

I have actually finished this glove since the picture was taken (go go 4 day glove!), and am taking copious notes, so as to ensure that both gloves are at least mostly the same. There isn’t any actual pattern, but I found quite a few resources that helped me.  They will be done before it gets so cold that I need them, I think.

I decided to not continue with my Yarn Pirate Booty Club membership late last week, because I became aware of the Seasons yarn club (Sundara). I’ve been hoping to get into one of her clubs for some time, partially because she’s one of the best dyers of semi solid yarns that I’ve found, in my opinion.  It is about $20 more than the Booty Club, but I must have it, so…  Also, the Booty Club was cool/fun, but the yarn wasn’t ever really to my liking. I’m very excited to get my first shipment.  Soon I’ll be getting my partner for the Loopy Ewe swap, too, which is also exciting.

A collection of randomness.

I’m addicted to podcasts. 2/3 of them are knitting podcasts, but I also listen to a Harry Potter podcast (Mugglecast), This American Life, and The Savage Love podcast. Days that none of these podcasts are new are very sad days for me. This Monday, I woke up to discover that I was out of stored up podcasts, and went on a search for another knitting podcast to hold me over until my regulars updated. I discovered Sticks & String, a podcast recorded by an Australian guy. It’s really good! I’m always amazed to find new and exciting podcasts.

In other news, I’m gearing up for my winter knitting, and I have Decided (capital D) that I will finally make gloves for myself to wear.  I have the perfect yarn.  It’s Sweet Georgia sock yarn that is far too pretty to make into socks (and it appears to be resisting being turned into socks, too), and the pinks go perfectly with my brand new navy wool winter coat.  So.  The ravelry search begins.  Last year I attempted to make gloves, and failed miserably, mostly because I couldn’t really find a pattern that I liked, and I’m lazy and got tired of making glove fingers.  This year I will prevail.  And it’s the sort of project that I can make while also making Christmas socks.  You’ll see.

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